Ancient History

Sanatana Dharma: The Nectar Of Immortal Knowledge

If you too are interested in digging out the history of the rich culture and heritage of India then it might prove to be a good read for you. A glimpse about the oldest religion and one of the most followed religions around the world. To know about the structure of Sanatana Dharma it’s value, knowledge, culture and ethics.

The Mysterious History of the Ottoman Empire Flag

Going into the past and finding out what, how, when it all happened might interest you. We've brought on your screens the most interesting history of the Ottoman Empire & Ottoman Empire flag which ultimately saw its decline leading to Turkey becoming independent along with other countries that were in the Ottoman Empire's control. Want to know more? Why not click and get your fingers scrolling over the story.

Adolf Hitler: Legend Or Factual | Biography, Wife, Nature, Height, Rise & Decline

As you all know Adolf Hitler was famous for his cruelty and genocide of Jews in Germany. He was a German politician and military personal, later he became the chancellor of Germany and want to kill all Jews living in Germany, But after losing in world war he committed suicide. Just click & have a brief look over his complete story.

The History Of Democracy | Greece Vs India

We all have come across reading about the democracy and the countries which adopted it. Right? But do you know which is the oldest democracy in the world? There has been proof of different countries being the one. Find out about the dilemma over the same. Whether the US, Greece, or India? It is still a case to solve or is everything resolved. Want to know it then explore it here!

Amazing Facts about Napoleon Bonaparte: Life, Family, Achievements & Death

Are you too much Interested in getting familiar with what happened to a great french military leader Napolean Bonaparte in history. We’ve brought on your screens the most amazing facts about Napolean Bonaparte. The complete journey of his life. How he became a dictator? Why not click & read this brief story of Napoleon that quite seems to be very much excited!

Tunisian Revolution: The Death Of Fear

If you too are an ardent fan of reading out the history then you'll surely find peace in this piece of writing as it is one of the most important episodes in the history of democracy and the countries adopting it. Tunisia was one such country which rose from misery to freedom. Want to know who they crossed all the boundaries and became democratic? Why not read this short and brief blog about the same? Come and get in.

The Forgotten Australian History(1788-1850)

If you too are interested in digging out the history of Australia then it might prove to be a good read for you. As we all know Australia is one of the world's most highly urbanized countries but either they are native Australians or they are invaders of Europe? Want to know it then explore it here!

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