Entrepreneur stories

The Entrepreneur Story: Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird Co-Founder

An Entrepreneur Story, From Downfall to Taking off - An astounding story at your rescue waiting for you to know more about the insights of a multi-million dollar firm that started from scratch and rose to global recognition.

Elon Musk | How A Middle Class Boy Became A Legend Of The Century?

Life isn't going to be forever, not of any one individual's or the Earth's but humanity can still survive. The man with this vision wasn't born with extraordinary skills but developed and became a legend himself. Unfold the story of Elon Musk popping up here on your screens. You're just a click away from unveiling the same.

The Entrepreneur Story: Brian Acton, Whatsapp Co-founder

The entrepreneurs have stories which are unique and the lessons too but you may grab them up so as to indulge those in your own life for achieving greater heights. Explore the story of WhatsApp founder - Brian Acton.

The Entrepreneur Story | Colonel Sanders, KFC Co-Founder

The world's largest fast food chain KFC was a mere startup which made it such a biggie in the market because of the hard work and determination of its founder - Colonel Sanders. But the road to success wasn't the easy one. Want to know how it reached the great heights? Then why not get in and find it all out.

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