Personal Development

Is Attachment Love?

Attachment and love are often confused to be the synonyms. We get attached easily and think of that attachment to be love. But are they really the ones similar in meaning or do they possess different meanings? Explore it all in this two minute read which might help you out and lead you on the right path.

Is A Job Really Helping To Live a Perfect Life?

Is landing in a job enough for you to lead a happy life? Unveil the answer to this question in just one click which will give strong arguments and insights.

You Are Who You've Been Looking For!

Do you admire someone in your life? You must be! And you should be admiring people in your life, but do you admire yourself too? Or you don't like the way you are! If it is the case with you then come and check out the most important lesson of your life which you cannot afford to miss out in just a 3 minute read.

The Songs You Mutilate

Jugaad, innovation hacks specifically Indians use to change anything according to their comfort and understanding. Now the same is happening with english songs. Peep in to check more...

4 Habits That Will Completely Transform Your Life

We all ate hustling for being a better version of ourselves. We all try to find out our interests and try to level up every other day. But sometimes the key habits which we lack might be the barrier in our ways further. So try to adopt these 4 of the top habits you must possess for reaching out that far.

Dining Etiquette | Ways To Master Basic Table Manners

Do you ever feel shy or uncomfortable in a formal meeting or an informal one over dinner because you don't know about the basic dining etiquette? Then give this article a read which has a compilation of the table manners which you must possess in order to make a good impression and also make others feel comfortable dining with you at the same time.

Personality Development - Tiny Ways To Improve Your Life

Have you ever pondered over building up your own personality to stand out and be the one whom people would look upto? Who wouldn't want this to happen to them! Everyone loves when people appreciate them for who they are and how they've that natural charisma. Right? If you also want to turn this statement into a reality for yourself then why not check out this write-up that'll help you to be a better version of yourselves.

How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

Communication is the most important aspect of one's personality and needs to be nurtured. A simple and easy formula is the need of the time and we're here with one.

Erik Erikson: 8 Important Stages of Psychosocial Development | What is Psychosocial?

An individual's personality develops in a predetermined manner from birth to death. Erikson highlighted the role of society, parents, and the environment in personality development. No person Born with angry or shy or criminal behavior. They learn everything through the circumstances they face and the choices they made. This theory explains your personality.

Learn More In Failure Than Success

This blog is all about how an individual can deal with their failure and also get to know how failure helps to grow society from time to time and provide new ways to evolve themselves.

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