Makeup and skin care

Skin Care Tips For A Clear Face

Do you have pimples on your face? Do you also want flawless and clear skin? Then follow these skin care tips for pimple prone skin which will help you achieve a clear skin!

Something You Should Know Before Applying Lip Shades

Lipsticks are simply various colours to paint your lips to look more beautiful and attractive. Lipstick gives you a smooth texture and protection from UV rays and from dust to lips. Lipstick makes your lips healthy and glossy. Some lipsticks hydrate your lips as well. There are various colours of lipstick in the market , you can choose according to your preference and choice.

Dark Circles - Causes And It’s Treatments

Fed up of finding solutions for your dark circles? Don't know what will work or not? Tried all the DIYs and still did not get any result? Here’s your guide and solution to dark circles. Below are Top 10 eye creams to incorporate into your routine. Know your issue and then target the problem and set your eyes free from the problematic dark circles.

What Are Blackheads? How To Get Rid Of Blackheads?

Are you struggling with blackheads and you are tired of finding ways to get rid of them. Then here are exactly all the points that you need to know about blackheads. From how they are caused to how they are treated.

10 Best Face Moisturizer For Dry And Dull Skin

Hey which moisturizer are you using? Is it turning out to be Effective or are you thinking to change it up? Are you looking forward to using one? Even if you use a moisturizer or not, you must check out the list of these 10 moisturizers which are rounded up here as per different skin types and the age groups along with the properties which they possess.

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated For 24 Hours?

Are the terms hydration and moisture really different? In this article we’ll talk about 2 terms that are commonly used but are not the same, hydration and moisture. These are 2 different terms which have different processes. Below explained are these 2 terms and how you can maximize the benefits of each and off course product recommendations for each type!

Skincare Guide for 20s: How to Take Care of Your Skin

Are you in your 20s? Have you started noticing fine lines around your eyes, laughing lines, and dark under-eye bags? Do you have a lavish skincare routine? If you are not sure where to start from, then below are the basic skincare tips for people in their 20s that might help you get on track! Just click & explore.

The 10 Best Body Moisturizers For Winters

Do you seem to take less care of your body or has your skin become dry in winters? Being the largest organ of your body, you must incorporate a body cream into your routine so that your skin stays soft, hydrated, and moisturized. If you are confused about thinking about which cream to buy then I’m suggesting you the top 10 body creams for winters. Check out below for more!

Top 15+ Foundation For Dry Skin v/s Oily Skin - Maybelline

Foundation plays a very important role in makeup as a basic step. It will make you look glamorous if chosen wisely. A minute difference in shade will make you look weird. This blog will help you to choose your perfect shade that will provide the results you want.

Top 10 Attractive Nail Art Designs - Simple & Beautiful

Nail Art is a new trend that is worth trying for every girl if you are born with beautiful nails. Aren't you bored with the red, pink and black colour that you always wear? Try something that suits your personality, these designs are perfect for every occasion.

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