Skin Care Tips For A Clear Face

If you have pimples on your face and you are looking for a way to get your skin cleared then you must read these tips. But let me be clear, you will have to follow these tips religiously every time you take care of your skin. Because just like our health ,our skin needs proper care too. And trust me when I say this, nobody knows your skin better than you, so take out time and know what suits you and what does not suits you and then take steps accordingly to improve it.

  • Know Your Skin Type

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It is very important that before applying anything on your face, be it any face wash, toner, serum or any moisturizer, you must know your skin type is, otherwise there will be less or no benefit of the product no matter how expensive it is or how effective results it may claim to give. There are various ways by which you can know what your skin type is. 

To know your skin type you need to first wash your face and then leave it dry for an hour and after that check which parts of your face are oily, which are dry and which are normal.

If only your forehead, nose and chin area have become a bit oily and other parts are dry or normal then you have combination skin. If your skin feels stretched and dry, then your skin type is dry and if you feel oil on your skin,then your skin type is oily. Therefore a cleanser should always be chosen on the basis of your skin type. That is why it is very important to know your skin type.

  • Choose The Best Cleanser For Your Skin Type

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Once you know what your skin type is then it will become very easy to choose the right cleanser for your skin. If you have oily or acne prone skin then look for ingredients like salicylic acid which will help in controlling the sebum production on your skin and also help in unclogging your pores which may have been filled with dirt or bacteria.

Products must not be too harsh for your skin or else the natural oil may be stripped from your skin. If you have dry skin then look for ingredients like ceramide which will help in maintaining your skin barrier. And if you have combination skin then look for ingredients which will help in maintaining the pH balance of your skin and which will control the oil production as well moisturize your face at the same time.

  • Use The Right Amount Of Product

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Always remember to use the right amount of product because either using too much cleanser can be harsh for your skin which may dry out your skin in turn stripping out your natural oil or using too little product may not cleanse your skin properly in turn leading to more breakouts or acne. Same goes for toner, serum and a moisturizer or an eye cream as well.

Too much of a toner may over exfoliate your skin and too little of it may not exfoliate it properly. Too much of serum may lead to breakouts and too little of it may lead to less hydration of skin. Similarly moisturizer should also be used in the appropriate amount. Therefore it is very important to know the right amount of product to be used in order to get maximum benefits from the product.

  • Use Chemical Exfoliants Instead Of Physical Exfoliants

Credit: Different Types Of Exfoliants

Have you ever heard of chemical exfoliants?

These are AHAs and BHAs which stand for alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. These acids are made to exfoliate the skin which help in removing the dead skin cells and unclogging of pores and hence bringing out a fresh and a clear skin.

Yes these do the same work as physical scrubs but physical scrubs are extremely harmful for your skin as they contain microbeads which may damage the skin in the long run. AHAs stand for alpha hydroxy acids and BHAs stand for beta hydroxy acid. Although these are great for our skin, they are a bit more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays, therefore don’t forget to apply a good sunscreen.

  • Use Pimple Patches

Credit: Pimple Patches

Yessss!!!!!! Pimple patches do exist. You might not have heard of them before but they are easily available in the market.

Many skin care brands make pimple patches. Many times it happens that you have a big day coming up and a pimple suddenly comes up before the big day and you end up relying on makeup. But let me tell you an overnight solution for it. Pimple patches are a savior. These work as an overnight miracle. 

Whenever you see a pimple forming on your skin, all you have to do is apply a pimple patch on that pimple and leave it overnight. The next morning remove it and you’ll see that the pimple is gone. Their plus point is they are extremely handy. So next time instead of popping that pimple and creating a mess, surely go for these pimple patches.

  • Don’t Use Food In Your Skin Care Remedies

Credit: Lemon Juice Effects

You might have seen a lot of bloggers and influencers suggesting to apply different remedies containing food items like lemon juice etc., but each individual has a different skin type and it may or may not suit your skin, thus making it sensitive.

One of the bloggers on instagram was seen applying garlic on her face. It might have cleared her face but on the other hand the person following her might have had a reaction to it. These ingredients may affect your pH balance of your skin. Various people have been found to have problems due to applying such remedies. Turmeric may stain your face. Ingredients like coffee may damage your skin. Lemon juice may cause irritation to your skin making it dry and red and sensitive prone.

Therefore always be mindful of what you apply on your face. Food is meant to be eaten and not meant to be applied on your face for experiment.

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