How Can You Start Digital Marketing As A Side Business?

Are you online? Obviously you're! Otherwise you won't be reading this blog. Right? 

Like you everyone's turning up online and not only the people but a lot of other stuff too is taking up the online space, whether the books, clothing, entertainment and other such services and businesses. 

Digital  world is the world which attracts the real world towards it for the multifarious benefits it  provides. You are feeling hungry, you order it online. You're dying to read a book, you get it online. Want to buy clothes, boots, accessories, groceries, you name it and it is available online. 

Isn't it just amazing that the things which seemed to be out of our reach come up on our screens in just a few clicks. 

This is what the internet has done. But here we're not bringing you the details about the internet and its benefits but the trending work opportunity - Digital Marketing, which is being taken up by millions of people out there.

Let's first get into the basic idea of what actually digital marketing is!

The marketing of goods and services on the internet or by using digital devices is called Digital Marketing. You can market your own products and services or someone else's products and services on the internet. 

If you too are familiar with digital means then it might be a business opportunity for you to choose while doing the major stuff in your life whether you're working or even if you're a student. All you've to do is follow the steps towards building your digital presence. 

Digital Marketing is a business opportunity which covers a vast range of ways like you can do digital marketing by blogging, influencing, and SEO. But first take a look at what needs to be done in all these.

Find The Interests

You should first look out for the fields you're interested in. Let's say you're interested in writing and want to earn by writing as a side hustle. Once you find what interests you, next up you would have to narrow down your interest or niche. 

As in the example, writing can be narrowed down to a particular style, topic or anything. Some people love to write about the happenings in the world, some love to write fiction, and some write about fashion and there is a vast pool of it. 

Similarly you have to narrow down your interest and then try to mould it in such a way that it also interests and engages your audience.

Polishing The Skills

Next up, once you're done with figuring out your interests, jump onto polishing your skills which might be required for your way ahead as a digital marketer. 

For instance, let's consider you're running a dance academy or dance classes, then you can market this service of yours. But first master the dancing skills which you're going to showcase on the internet. Along with the dancing skills, you would have to polish your communication skills. 

So as a digital marketer, you have to level up in each and every single skill that's relating to your niche.

Developing The Content

Now once you're well versed with the digital marketing skills, move towards developing the content which interests your targeted audience. 

Let's say that you're a blogger who writes about the latest fashion trends then you would have to write engaging content for the people who would be interested in the same. Developing quality content also has a big role to play in digital marketing. And its frequency should also be at the top. You just can not do it for sometime and then leave. 

For developing the business and starting to earn, you would have to provide quality content more frequently. Just look at your favorite YouTuber's channel. You would get a glimpse of what we're trying to make you understand.

Engaging The Audience

The engagement part is what stresses out most of the people in the field of digital marketing. But don't worry as engaging the ones interested is what needs to be done. 

As a digital marketer if you're trying to market your products online and promote them, then you would have to look out for the people who would really be interested in the same. This is the targeted audience. 

Let's say you are in the cosmetic business and want to market your anti ageing products digitally. Then the targeted audience will be the adults above the age of 30. You would like to showcase these products to them. You would try to feature out every single detail of your products to them. Right? Then instead of doing it interpersonally, you would be doing it digitally on social media or various websites. 

This is what engagement is all about. Continuously providing your audience with the content and hence making your presence felt online is what you can call engagement. 

These are the basic steps and you can narrow them down depending on what type of digital marketing interests you the most. 

But which types of digital marketing exist in the digital space? Want to know about them, then keep on scrolling!

1). Blogging

If you're good at writing them why not make Blogging as your job. Yes, you can choose blogging as your side hustle.


If you're a student or a working woman or man, you can put your knowledge to words and publish them online either through your own site, anyone else's site or on platforms like Blogger, WordPress, medium etc. 

You can write about anything, from travel, food, adventure to technology, education and a lot more. You can even have your social media updated with the information about your blog. This would bring in a different range of audience from different platforms.

2). Influencing

Have you heard about social media influencers? 

All they do is make their presence felt online and get projects and assignments. They even get opportunities of promoting the products and services of businesses on their social media accounts and hence get paid for the same. 

The youngsters get attracted to the influencers and are most likely to cling onto their social media. People are influencing through various platforms like tiktok, Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc.

3). Affiliate Marketing

You can even try out affiliate marketing just by marketing the affiliate products. Affiliate marketing basically involves promoting and marketing others' products and services. 

In this particular field the links and description are spread online by the agents so assigned. You can do it too. Amazon is leading the affiliate marketing as people earn through promoting and marketing the products available on amazon through their own websites or social media platforms. You can even do the same for the local benefits and hence earn profits.

4). Content Writing

You might be thinking that Blogging and content writing seem to be the same but it actually isn't the case. Content writing is what you can do for others' websites, books, etc. 

You can be the content provider in the market as there are a lot of businesses who need people to write for their websites. You can be the one too if you're good at SEO and obviously the language. You can freelance and get hands on different projects from different employers.

5). Social Media Management

In this wide digital world, you would definitely find people struggling in managing their social media, whether it be the Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other social media platform. 

If you're good at handling them all, then why not give social media management a try. Who knows that you might be the social media manager. Managing the content, the engagement, the traffic is all what you have to eye on.

6). E-Books

These days when people are turning up to the digital platforms for their daily needs, there are some others who rely on e-books. You can create ebooks and sell them online. It can be about anything, from academics to literature. 

If you're a course developer then why not give an E-Books a go. E-books attract the audience online because of their easy availability. You can tag a price to your book and sell them on Platforms like kindle or on a website of your own.

7). Content Designing

From designing logos to finalising the designs for the pages or websites is what content creation or designing is all about. You can put your creative skills to work and once they'll come in action, you can get your earning. 

Businesses, start-ups, need the content designers for attracting the audience and hence having a vast reach.

These were some ways of digital marketing which you can try as a side hustle. If you're good at SEO, writing, and are well versed with the social media techniques then you can surely make it big in the digital marketing world. 

There are some other ways of doing digital marketing like on the radio or by podcasting. But as a side hustle you can do it through your smartphone, laptops or computers. So don't waste time and start earning. 

Good luck!

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