Blood Pressure | Causes And Control

Hey! Do you Know that your blood exerts pressure on the walls of your blood vessels while circulating as the heart pumps it? Of course, you might know it! Right? Blood pressure it is!

Whether low or high it can cause various problems to the human body and can sometimes be fatal too. Hypertension or high blood pressure is said to have adverse effects if compared to hypotension or low blood pressure.

As per WHO, one in every six billion people suffer from high blood pressure. The number which is approximately 1 billion as of now is set to turn upto 1.5 Billion by the year 2025.

What Causes Blood Pressure | How Does It Occur?

If going by the scientific definition the blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the walls of the arteries by the amount of blood  pumped by the heart. The normal blood pressure ranges from 90/60 mmHg and 120/80 mmHg. But what if the arteries are narrower? 

In this particular condition, so as to flow, the blood exerts more pressure and hence causes hypertension. And in the other case, the blood pressure is low if the arteries are wider. This is what the scientific scenario looks like but why does it happen, what causes this situation? Let's find them out!

1). Ageing

When people get older what happens is that they go through a lot of physical changes and with that keeping in mind our arteries and heart go through the same. The arteries might get narrower or harder which can surely lead you to have a high blood pressure. 

2). Genes

Yes, it is your genes sometimes that might lead you to have high or low blood pressure. As the case stands, there might be some family history of blood pressure which can make you at a greater risk of having the same problem just like it is the case in diabetes. 

3). Lifestyle

If you're not active and lethargic then you must be worried about your health as in today's world you must do some sort of exercise or physical activity so as to keep yourself in a healthy state whether mentally or physically.

4). Weight Imbalance

Having inappropriate weight whether more or less than the ideal one is what may be the reason for you to have a high or low blood pressure. 

People who are obese and have a higher fat content accumulated in their body itself are likely to be hypertensive and hence are prone to cardiovascular diseases and might get strokes.

5). Alcohol, Tobacco And Smoking

These three toxic habits are to be avoided as if done on a daily basis, it might lead you to go through the toughest problems whether it is the cancer, heart strokes etc. So keep an eye on the consumption.

6). Being Stressed Out

When you're stressed out and sleep deprived, the body reacts differently. Stress leads to the release of some hormones in your body which can further lead to the faster pumping of blood and the contraction of the arteries and hence causing high blood pressure.

7). Salt Intake

Your salt intake must always be normal which is around 2300 mg as per the American guidelines. But if in case your diet lacks the sodium content, you might be prone to having lower blood pressure and in the reverse case scenario, if your diet contains greater amounts of sodium then you may be at risk of being hypertensive.

Other than these causes of blood pressure, there might be a few others like gender, fat intake, intake of pills without the recommendation of the physician.

Now when you know about the possible causes of blood pressure then you might be wondering what are the possible solutions so as to control it? 

How To Control Blood Pressure?

It would be pretty easy for you to understand them as you're aware of the causes because you just have to cut those causes out.

1). Physical Exercise

If you're hypotensive, then you must avoid it as your body won't be able to function that better. But if you're hypertensive or are likely to be hypertensive then you must do some sort of physical activity on a daily basis. 

Whether you go out for running, jogging, cycling or even walking, it might help you out to cut down the risks of developing high blood pressure and at the same time avoiding the chances of having cardiovascular diseases.

2). Eating Habits

You must be aware of the balanced diet concept which has been taught to us since childhood. So why not apply that concept in our life? By eating a balanced diet having all the five food groups but in limited amounts as per the daily needs would help you out to cope up with the never ending blood pressure problems. 

If you're hypotensive, then you should go for having a bit more sodium content in your diet along with some dairy products and for those who are hypertensive, sodium intake should be lessened and dairy products, fats, etc. should be given in limited amounts.

3). Controlling The Stress Levels

You must keep an eye on the stress levels of yours. If you're taking too much stress, you might end up being hypotensive or hypertensive, but you can back off from that too if you know how to manage stress. It isn't easy but not impossible. 

You can try different methods of lowering down the stress levels by doing something that makes you feel happy, writing down your thoughts, talking and communicating, going out, taking breaks from work and by trying out something new. 

4). Keeping An Eye On Your Blood Pressure

It might seem to you as if it has nothing to do with controlling the blood pressure but you'll be alarmed whenever your blood pressure would turn low or high and hence you'll be able to avoid the bigger risks so involved. 

You can either choose to reach out to your doctor for a checkup every month or you can check it by yourself at home by using different monitors or a sphygmomanometer developed for the same purpose.

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5). Change Your Lifestyle

Whether you're a couch potato or prefer to eat unhealthy snacks or consume the toxic substances like tobacco, alcohol, or even if you smoke frequently, then you'll have to change your current lifestyle to a healthy one so as to avoid any such conditions as that of hypotension or hypertension.

You can rely on pills like beta blockers, ACE inhibitors, etc. for controlling the blood pressure or try out some other foodstuffs like green leafy vegetables, curd etc.

So start keeping a track on your health and wellness as only it will help you to lead a long, healthy and happy life.

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