Top 5 Ways In Which Music Relieves Stress

Music sets your soul free! Isn't it?

All of you must've come across multifarious music including pop, jazz, rock, and the list goes on. But more than the entertainment purpose, music has a lot of other purposes to fulfill. 

What makes you feel stressed? 

If you've an assignment to submit but aren't able to meet the deadline, or when your boss hands you a big project, or when you're worried about the family and a vast pool of other such problems makes you feel stressed out. Stress is nothing but a response of your body to various situations. 

Do you know what? Whatever we're doing is only because of some sort of stress. All of you must've future plans and you must be Working hard for them but to make them happen without stress isn't possible. At each and every point in our lives we all are facing stress but what causes our health to deteriorate? 

The stress levels! Yes, these are the stress levels which are the point of concern. You must be worried about one thing or the other every now and then. If you have an exam the next day, you should be worried about it so as to prepare well because if you won't, you might fail at it. The amount of stress affects your mind and body as it signals out what needs to be done or what you should be worried about. 

But when you're overly stressed, that's where the real problem arises. When you take a lot of stress, not only do you suffer mentally but physically too. How is that so? Due to stress, our body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. But what role do these hormones play in your body? 

So as to get you ready to face the challenges, the stress hormones so released tighten your muscles, your blood pressure, breathing rate, and the heart rate tend to rise. So where do the energy to do this all come from? 

It comes from different parts of your body and hence your other body parts lose their share of energy leading to worsening of health conditions. You get sick not only mentally but physically too. You run out of energy and feel low. Your mood even turns down and other health disorders like insomnia, frequent headaches occur. And this can ultimately lead you to be a victim of depression. 

It is a serious matter which should be pondered over. You can find multiple medications for treating the same but what if I tell you that you can do it all by yourself without involving medications. Yes, it is possible and there have been a lot of researches for reducing stress levels by various means like art, meditation, exercise, yoga, art, craft and not to forget the most simple and effective one - “MUSIC”. 

Music is in existence on this planet even before the human race came in. The chirping of birds, the rain drops, the streams, waterfalls and hundreds of thousands of sounds have been enriching the beauty of nature. While language is meant to be in just the left hemisphere of the brain, music is what affects all the parts of the brain, whether the cerebrum or the cerebellum. Each and every single part! But what it does when you're stressed out and listen to music. 

1).Enlightens The Mood

Listening to music can enlighten your mood. When you're on your lowest and you need to surge for doing big things in life each and every single day, music can be your best friend or companion in that journey. As per a research, the beats per minute affect your brain for the good. You feel energetic when the beats per minute are around 120-200. 

Music can make you connect to the things which you don't feel like doing anymore, even if you love them. It heals the soul naturally. You must've noticed that most of the sportspersons listen to music before their matches or games. 

“Music ignites the soul on fire”, what it means is you just feel to be on the seventh sky, all determined, focussed, enthusiastic, and motivated. This sort of energetic upbeat music helps to signal your brain that there are things to be done. Most of the stressed out people who are in danger of depression, feeling suicidal all the time must get a shot of upbeat music. This will raise their lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

2).Soothes You Down

Music is capable enough of relaxing your mind. When you come back home after a bad day all frustrated and furious, you should try listening to slow music having around 20-50 beats per minute. Now what will it do? 

It will lower down the stress levels and hence your heart rate and pulse rate will lower down too. You'll have a lower blood pressure and breathing would be as normal. When you're angry just give it a go and you'll yourself observe the magical and calming or soothing effects of music on your mind and even the body.

3).Helps To Induce Sleep

What stress does is that it affects your sleep. You might feel running out of sleep. Being sleep deprived can lead you to a health crisis, if not cured. Music is the key for you if you're insomniac. In insomnia, people find it hard to sleep. They feel fatigued, less energetic than other individuals and hence need help to deal with this problem of theirs. 

The blessing for them can be music itself. No medicines are as effective as music. And it isn't just a saying but a fact. It induces sleep and thus helps you to have better health by healing you mentally, physically and spiritually.

4).Better Quality Of Life

As per a research, the music students have different brain structures as compared to when they weren't learning music. What does this show? 

The brains of the students appeared to have stronger connections between the two hemispheres of the brain than usual. It means that they're less likely to face any mental disorders due to this arrangement and would even not have any sort of anxiety, depression, stress, and their stress levels would also be in control. 

What we all are thriving for is better quality of life. Isn't it? 

We all want better education, jobs, careers, and whatnot. But all of these would only be possible if we remain in good health as we all know that health is wealth.

5).Better Focus

Have you faced difficulty in focussing while studying or doing something? You must've. We are distracted by one thing or the other but how can we fix that when we are already stressed? 

Music is the key here too. You just need to unlock your lock that you've been putting on your focus levels. So as to attentively do something you'll need better focus and determination. Focus is the ultimate ingredient to the recipe of success and music can increase your focus too as it activates the parts of your mind which are responsible for maintaining focus. 

You must've observed music being played in gyms, fitness centers, yoga centers, meditation classes etc. Music automatically charges you up for the day ahead or work by improving your focus.

So in these ways music helps you to lower stress levels and promote good health. The science behind the same is also known to you now. And you would be surprised to know that music is also considered as a therapy. 

In fact, there are people who suffer from greater stress levels, depression, mental disorders who are cured not only with the help of other tools but music too. Music has always been the companion of humans to rely upon and hence is an amazing stress management tool. 

If you too feel that your levels of stress are much higher than normal, try out the music depending on your situation and taste. As listening to music which isn't liked by you can make you feel even more frustrated and irritated. It all depends on your stress and its causes and your mood when it comes to the question which music to choose.

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