The Entrepreneur Story | Colonel Sanders, KFC Co-Founder

Have you ever been defeated by your destiny?

We all do get defeated by our destinies time and again. But only a few could make their way through all the setbacks of their destiny and life in general.

One such person was Colonel Harland Sanders. The founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and an entrepreneur himself faced the harshness of life bombing in his face. KFC has become a brand which is appreciated not only in the United States but all around the world. 

A fast-food chain which made its mark because of the hard work and determination of an old age man who never gave up. He moved on from all the failures and rose above as a brand himself being all there on the logo of KFC.

KFC which is about $15 billion of worth as of now was started from scratch is continuing to be a part of the food chains all around the world. It is the second-largest restaurant food chain in the world after McDonalds and provides a range of recipes for food junkies to cherish. Whenever someone goes out to celebrate, KFC is a choice which makes people say "finger likin good". 

Since the very beginning, it has impressed the foodies and is being recognized all around the world. It is an empire which grew up because of the strong determination of Harland Sanders and has won a myriad of awards for being recognised all across the globe.

Lesson #1

“Winds would  blow against you, but a warrior is the one who tries to cut through them not the one who runs away”.

Tackle The Setbacks

Colonel Sanders who was born in Indiana lost his father at the age of six and to make the ends meet for the family his mother stepped out to earn a living. 

While she would be at work, it was Colonel who cooked for his siblings. He quit or dropped out of school in grade seven, he started working as a farmhand after leaving his home. In 1906, he faked his age to get himself into the US Army. He was then detained from there. He tried his luck not only in the army but every single place where he could do so. 

These areas include ferry boats, painting the carriages of the horses, selling insurances etc. He even got to work in the railways but was detained from there too for his aggressiveness. And due to this aggressiveness only he lost another big opportunity of his life, the law degree. He went on to pursue law but was detained from there too for his aggressiveness which led to a fight between him and his client.

“Always believe in your inner self as only you know what you're capable of doing”.

Lesson #2

“Talent has no bounds. Neither of the age nor the status”.

Explore Your Talents

While Sanders was facing a long series of setbacks one after the other he was struck with an idea of selling chicken dishes made with his recipe in a service station. This was at the age of 40. A middle-aged man started his own business with a new zeal and vigour. As age was just a number for Colonel Sanders. 

While he was struggling in the initial phase, he bought a motel later and the gas station he had, it got turned into a restaurant. Both went into nothingness as they got burnt. He started again but this time it was not any rejection or fire but the war which led him to step back.

Lesson #3

“Life's a journey, an adventurous one which teaches you how to rise above when you fall down”.

Learning From The Failures

Failures are the great lessons one should take in his life, otherwise, it will turn into nothingness. Colonel Sanders who was dealing with his personal and professional life's problems did get depressed but didn't hope. 

He would get on a journey every single day to franchise his restaurant and it was, in turn, a pretty hard one as his recipe got rejected about 1,009 times. It got accepted and this was his special recipe of fried chicken and hence the name Kentucky fried chicken which was a secret one and was made with 11 herbs as stated by Sanders. 

KFC got started in the year 1952. It was the time of great depression when Colonel Harland Sanders gave his chicken recipe a try to reach out to many. He went on to spread KFC all around the USA by spreading his brand.

Lesson #4

“Success comes to those who come out of their comfort zones and struggle to the maximum”.

Keep Hustling

Even when Sanders got national recognition, he didn’t stop there. Colonel Sanders made KFC an international brand by expanding it to other countries like their neighbours Canada. He sold KFC for about $2 million then and now the worth is even higher. 

The face of KFC is still his and will continue to be as the iconic paper bucket of KFC depicts his animated picture along with the slogan ‘It's finger likin good'. He left with about 6000 KFCs in over 48 countries and the number today is even more than double of it and is continuing to grow. There are about 22,621 KFC locations across 140 countries in the world and this chain of fast-food restaurants is continuing to grow.

This was what Colonel Harland Sanders achieved in his life. His story is evidence to whatever the hurdles come by, you may never stop and turn back. You should rise above and fight it all out and make your mark as you're unique in your way. There's just a need to ignite that fire in you which will make you do the wonders. Sheer hard work, talent, the determination may lead you to an extraordinary destination.

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