Elon Musk | How A Middle Class Boy Became A Legend Of The Century?

What were you doing when you were 12? 

You must've been in school following the school timetable and having fun with friends and exploring the little things in life. But do you know what Elon Musk was doing at the same age? 

He was building a game called 'Blastar' with a space theme which he sold to a magazine for $500. Isn't that magnificent? Of course it is.

You all must've come across the “Rags to Riches” or “Starting from Scratch” stories of the leaders all across the globe. But have you witnessed the story having a blend of these two idioms? 

If not then it is the story to explore the most revolutionary personality of the century who's compared to greats like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and a few others. Isn't that enough for a man to achieve? Nope. 

Elon is a man who thrives and strives for more and more and never settles for less. His journey is packed with failures and successes and both to an extreme level. Join in and learn the basic lessons from the story of the man himself - Elon Musk.

Lesson #1 

“College degrees don't teach you enough, but self-learning does take you to the new highs”.

Learning All By Yourself

Musk who was born in Pretoria, South Africa in the year 1971 was a nerd who loved books and was bullied at an extreme level which is what made him love his own space. He got interested in computers and got Commodore VIC-20 at the age of 10. 

He was a studious kid who enjoyed playing video games and hence for the sake of the same learned to program in no time. This led to him earning a grand sum of $500 for a kid at the age of 12 by selling his code which he wrote to develop Blastar to a magazine. 

This was his first but definitely not the last. Just like a lion gets the taste of his prey's blood and doesn't stop, same was the case with Elon. He didn't stop there. This was an inspiration for him to achieve and thrive for more. He didn't want to be the one imposing apartheid so he moved to Canada for higher studies, the place where his mother belonged to. 

He got admitted to the Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. And then moved to the US to earn degrees in physics and economics from Wharton school of University of Pennsylvania. He then jumped on to grab a phd in physics from Stanford but dropped out in just two days as the internet was the thing which was evolving and he wanted to dive deeper into it. 

Lesson #2 

You'll never get the results until you “Startup”.

Put In All What You've Got

Elon realised the impact internet boom was going to have and hence he took a bold step of going ahead with his first startup in the year 1995 called “Zip2”. It was basically a software company providing a city guide for the newspaper industry. But this isn't it. There were issues in raising funds. 

Musk and his brother slept on the office couch as they weren't able to afford a rented apartment and worked  with just a computer. With determination and passion, they grabbed contracts with The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. 

Ultimately Musk got his share when the company got sold out for $307 million. And Musk didn't turn the shutter down. He founded which was a financial service provider and got renamed as PayPal which is the international financial service. He was the CEO but got to face a set back from the board. As it always isn't the cake walk for hard core people like Elon.

Lesson #3 

“Have a vision? Then why not give it a go. Fear from failing is one thing but on the other side you'll definitely find light of experience and success awaiting you”.

Make Your Failures, Your Teachers And Lead From Upfront

PayPal was acquired by Ebay and this brought a hefty amount of $165 million into Musk's pockets. But he didn't stop there as his farsighted vision led him to new heights and the successful companies namely, Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City. 

After PayPal got sold, Musk got into the electric cars and hence invested in Tesla motors. But things aren't that easy to handle. The operations being held in the company and the deadlines weren't met which made a dream turning into a nightmare. But Elon as the leader of the pack came up and took the charge of all the operations. 

Employees were fired, some of the offices were shut and the production unit was put to work. This required him to invest his own money into the company which is what he did. Then things changed a bit but not that much. Failures aren't easy to tackle until you're determined. 

Elon learned and went on to make Tesla one of the leading companies in the US. SolarCity was another company in which Elon invested for the future benefits it would be providing and even got into the space industry by launching SpaceX which is the first privately funded company to orbit earth. 

Back in the year 2002, Elon Musk launched SpaceX with a vision of space travel and colonising Mars. As the Earth's not gonna be forever and for humanity to survive, Elon realised the need to make it happen. Along with the Tesla motors crash down, things weren't also working in SpaceX as three of the first missions got failed till 2008 but with Falcon 1 came a new dawn which transformed the failure into a huge success and abundance of opportunities. 

And fast forward to 2020, Elon is the world's second richest man surpassing the great Bill Gates with a net worth of $128 billion. This is what a man who led from upfront for the sake of humanity and futuristic technology has achieved. But things aren't over because the next destination is the red planet itself. 

This is what Elon Musk did in a fully engineered life of his and is continuing to impact others' life as well in innumerable ways. If he wouldn't have walked the paths he had, the world would never have gotten the great revolutionary man who's going to have a large impact on humanity - Elon Musk.

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