Once Swarnprastha, Now Sonipat !

Hey Everyone! In the previous blog of mine, I have mentioned a few ways to enjoy your hometown, if you don’t feel like travelling to distant places safely.

Living here since birth, I realized how much less I had known about my city.

This lockdown has made me realize that even my home town “Sonipat”, which I always felt small and congested, can be an amazing place to explore and have fun.

Swarnprastha, one of the five cities that Pandavas in Mahabharata demanded from Kauravas, is now Known as Sonipat Or Sonepat.

Purana Shiv Mandir

As I wrote in a previous blog, whether you are an atheist or not, the best way to begin the day is by gaining positive energy.

Being alongside the busy road, there was no traffic noise coming inside the temple.

So adorable the idols of Deities, with complete peace and artistic structure, we began our day.

Fulfilling the Stomach Call

No promotion of any food outlet, but the Chole Bhatures of Dada Chole Bhature were mind blowing.

As Dine-in is not allowed, we took-away our packed Bhature.

There are a lot and lot of food chains as per every person’s taste choice.

Murthal,Sonipat is the Hub of Dhabas and restaurants  and everyone’s favourite choice in delhi NCR.

Pic before corona:

Khwaja Khizr Tomb 

A historical monument is present in the town in KHWAJA KHIZR TOMB.

As it has no entry ticket, thus very low maintained. But nicely constructed and nice views.

Though there are so many anti-social elements everywhere we go. But as a travel blogger I must inform you that it is better not  to visit such places alone and visit at the right time of the day because such free places and places away from the main town are risky to visit.

The magic of this Internet picture compelled me to put it here.


In this thing I must say that  my city provides a variety of varieties to buy. A small Diwali shopping was done by me and as always, I could feel the excitement of Diwali Shopping in the market.

The excitement of each festival is reflected by the crowd in the market. Not everyone can be forced to wear a mask and take precautions but at least we ourselves can for our own safety.

Education hub

Yes. 12 boards or Government civil exams, I can say with pride that my town has very good coaching institutes and faculty for this.

And universities like DCRUST, Ashoka, OP Jindal, World University Of Design with construction of IIIT-Sonepat.

Credits: Ashoka-University-Sonepat 

One more speciality of my Sonepat is its Sweets

Ghewar of Sonipat, a sweet of ‘Sawan ka mahina’ has high demand across many big cities.

Pyaare ke Peda, weighs 200g per piece, is one of its kind. Enjoying it took me to my childhood  days when we saved our pocket money to eat one peda along with Kada (boiled for a long time) milk.

Desi Ghee Imartis of Moti Mishthan Bhandar😊. Those with sweet teeth, Sonipat will not disappoint.

Tau Devi Lal Park

Along with industries and education hubs, there are a lot of parks small and big here. Naming few are : Jurassic Park, Splash water Park. We went to Tau Devi Lal park. It is a very huge park with a fountain, a number of architectural sculptures and sites, swings for kids , and of course well maintained greeneries.

Well connected to Grand trunk road, a very good picnic place for nearby people.

A very good quality time was spent here, recalling the entire day's memories , and diminishing the tiredness .

The best way to end a one-day trip.

Stay tuned to our blogs & Stay Safe!

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