Benefits Of Yoga During Covid-19

As the current position of this pandemic (covid-19) is becoming a war like condition throughout the world but due to lack of information and research there is no vaccine yet. So this pandemic can be stopped only by using our own culture and researches which are developed in India such as Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is not just the ayurvedic medicines , yoga also comes under it. And the only way to protect us from this virus is yoga and precautions. Yoga helps us to boost our immunity that can protect us from the virus.

A regular yoga practice along with some postures can boost immunity as well as the brain health of humans. In this moving world most of the people don’t get enough time to stay fit but out of 24 hours it is our duty to put just 1 hour on our body also, as it is a priceless gift for us by the god which should be properly maintained and taken care of by us every day. But a very less majority of people do this, due to which people are getting physically as well as mentally getting weak. This weakness can affect them in every field of their life. Any virus can attack those people very easily like corona.

So, here are some tips to follow to safeguard us from this pandemic:


You can enhance your beauty and performance with yoga by following strict guidelines in your day to day life. Pranayam is the best practice to provide peace to our mind and body. It generally focuses on the concentration power of a person, as it involves the breathing exercises that are good for brain health. When a person practices breathing exercises the oxygen present in the atmosphere enters our brain from the nasal passage and maintains a proper level of oxygen in the body. As we know that the air we breathe is made up of various gases , so these gases are separated after getting inside the body and the most important gas that is O2 dissolves into the bloodstream and moves to the entire body through blood.

Breathing practice also expands the lungs and increases the capacity to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. As everyone knows, corona firstly attacks the lungs by which a proper level of oxygen cannot be maintained in the body. Corona makes the lungs stiffer by sticking the mucus into the pores of the lungs due to which it is harder to breath. But by regular breathing practice one can increase the lung capacity .

We have various pranayama which improves the lungs capacity such as:




These three breathing practices are the best for maintaining good lung capacity to absorb oxygen and to keep protected from covid-19.



Credits: Kapalbhati                                 

This technique is also called the breath of fire. It is an important technique for purification in hatha yoga. The word kapalbhati is composed of two words of Sanskrit: kapal means the skull and bhati means shining, it is mainly for having a beautiful and shining face like the sun. In this practice we need to expel the air from the stomach through both the nostrils which is good for the abdomen part of the body, as it applies pressure on various parts of the abdomen.


Credits: Anulom-Vilom 

This is the best breathing technique for making your lungs strong by expanding it as it can to inhale oxygen. It gives patience, focus, concentration if practiced on a regular basis. It is best for relieving stress and anxiety. This is done by using both the nostrils one by one as shown above. In this practice we need to close one nostril and breath from another nostril and then expel it from the closed nostril. Repeating this process from alternate nostrils about 20-25 minutes is sufficient.


Credits: Bhastrika-Pranayam                        

In this technique we have to empty our stomach and exhale all the air out. This also helps to protect us from diseases and viruses. This should be practiced every day for 15-20 minutes. In this practice we need to contract our abdomen as you can and then expel it with pressure. This removes the carbon dioxide present in the body and gives a relaxed and productive mind and body.

Bonus Point: You can check your blood oxygen level by using a pulse oximeter which identifies the oxygen present in the blood in the percentage value.

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Credits: Pulse-Oximeter

In this time of pandemic everyone should have a pulse oximeter and keep checking it on a regular basis. For a normal person the spo2 level should be 95% to 100%.

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