Stop The Use Of Cell Phones Or Social Media In Your Kids, Before It Becomes An ADDICTION!..

Don’t you agree that our cell phones can get a spot under physiological needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Do you think you can survive without your cell phone? 

Imagine your cell phone battery is about to die and here’s the answer: You cannot survive without it.

Sometimes you have the feeling of a victim. You don’t know exactly when this thing becomes a habit. A habit that is hard to change. Every addict feels the same.

I haven’t realised it until the day I got pregnant. We decided not to use cell phones or limit the use to protect the baby from harmful radiations. But we failed! We failed very badly. I keep on watching web series or Kdramas to prevent myself from falling asleep during night time feedings. 

Your baby starts observing this thing around the age of 6-7 months and becomes much aware around 12-18 months of age. Now, they also want this. They want cell phones while eating, to learn something, or even to sit still if you are doing something important. 

I remember an incident when I went to a theatre with my husband and 1-year old daughter and there we met an old friend. They also had a kid of 18 months who was very active. The kid was playing during the movie and shouting in between so his mother gave him a cell phone and the kid didn’t move from his seat during the whole movie. You can not stop them because you can not stop yourself as well.

I have seen an advertisement of spectacles for 2+ years old to protect their eyes from harmful blue-violet rays. On the other side, I have seen hundreds of advertisements of online classes, activities for the same age group. After lockdown, every school or kindergarten started online classes. These classes last for 2-4 hours a day. Give it a thought, 4 hours of screen time a day.

First, go buy those glasses to protect your kid’s eyes from digital eye strain. But are these cell phones only damaging the eyes? Aren’t they damaging the behaviour, the personality, the thinking process, and your kid?

Here are some tips to reduce the use of cell phones and yes you cannot eliminate it completely:

  1. Develop A Hobby At The Earliest Stage

For some, it is going to be a difficult task. You have to try different things and check out what works for your kid. Starting with something that you enjoy. It can be painting, singing, learning a professional dance, learning martial arts, or skating. The options are many and you can start some of these at the age of 4.

Credit: Children-Dancing 

Try things one by one. Of course, your kid will enjoy some of these, not everything. You just have to rule out what they like the most. In the case of some kids, the hobbies keep on changing with age but it is also fine until you are trying it professionally. If you want to make them professional, it will require more efforts in terms of discipline and training.

  1. Don’t Use Cell Phones As A Positive Reinforcement Option Or Token

You must have heard many parents saying ‘I’ll let you watch cartoons or play a game if you complete your homework.’ Well, this type of learning won’t provide any knowledge. They will complete their homework but only with the thought of a poem or game. They will not learn anything from the book and even if they do, the learning is temporary.

Credit: Children-Studying

Teach them that doing homework is necessary to learn and revise. They don’t need any reinforcement for this and if your kid still wants something take them to park, or buy them a toy or gift if they complete their work on time for a week.

  1. Play Simple Games

If your child is a schooler and addicted to games. Then use simple games instead of complex ones. Complex games involve many targets and stages to complete. They consume time and keep the child engaged. Of course, that is the goal of a game developer but not yours. So, substitute complex ones with simple options.

Credit: The-Game-Of-Mind

If they find a simpler one boring, provide them options like chess, puzzles etc.

  1. Take Them To The Park For An Hour

One of the best solutions is taking them to a park where they can play, make new friends, and do some physical activities. It will be helpful for you as well. Not only your child but you will also come in touch with other mothers and discuss your concerns.

Credit: Children-Enjoying-In-Park

In starting, help your kid to socialise with other kids. Help them play and enjoy. Take some stuff like football, or their skateboard to keep them engaged for long.

  1. Remember Your Privacy Factor And Make Your Kids Aware Of The Same

Do you always read the terms and conditions when installing an app, or do you share your daily life on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter? 

Credit: Social-Media

Make it a habit of thinking twice if you do such things. Tech companies know almost everything about you. What you like, what you hate, when you are happy or depressed, what stuff you search on the web, whose profile you check again and again. Don’t make your kids fall in the trap. Teach them to read and think while using the internet.

  1. Don’t Use The Phone As A Substitute For Books

Don’t teach your child through the phone. Use books, keep buying new to make them interested in reading. Buy comics or storybooks for preschoolers. Schoolers like competitive stuff, keep them busy with problem-solving activities, mathematics, puzzles, interesting stories.

Credit: A-Girl-Child-Reads-A-Book

Buy colourful books with pictures. Start reading for them from the starting.

  1. Let Them Watch Or Play Their Favourite Thing For 20- 30 Minutes

As I said in the starting, you cannot eliminate it completely, but you can plan it your way. Set a time when all family members can do their stuff or play some interactive games or watch videos or anything they want under your supervision. 

Credit: Children-Enjoying

But yes, adolescents need some privacy here, as they are learning the things their way. But setting a time limit is the point.

  1. Try To Influence Your Kid’s Subconscious Mind

Here is the most difficult but effective method. If their subconscious understands the need of studying, then there is no need to remind them every day to study, if you succeed in putting some goal or task in their subconscious they will start doing it with their will. I have shared the steps to influence the subconscious in one of my blogs.

Credit: Boy-Playing-Baseball

Engaging them in a sport, or martial arts or a hobby will require a step by step guide to make it a part of their life.

‘Our next generation is more prone to overthinking, depression, mood swings, irritability, suicidal thoughts. PROTECT THEM.’

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