How To Improve Your Communication Skills?

In latin, the word communication means 'to share'. Communication is a process which involves a source, a medium, and a receiver. But do you know why it has become the top most priority of the people all across the globe?

To make you understand it better, we've a few examples for you.

According to some investigations, the people indulged in the technical world have a share of their financial success as 15 percent from their technical knowledge and 85 percent from their communication skills as to how they interact and connect with the people around and how they lead their team.

Isn't it astonishing. If it isn't the case then here's another one.

As per a survey done in an American town of Meridien, Connecticut, the adults top most priority was health and just close to it came out to be, obviously the communication and interactive skills. People wanted to know how they should be interacting with others so as to love them and want to be in their presence. In short it is all about the need for communication skills. 

This arouses our thoughts as to why it is so important to communicate well along with the people around. So for better output you would definitely have your communication skills kept safe in your pocket. 

Now when you know that it is the top most priority of the people, read further to explore why and how you can level up your communication skills.

The Top Priority - Communication

Many studies have shown that in all walks of life, whether they are related to work life or personal, communication is of the topmost priority. Sometimes in a daily life scenario what happens is that a lot of people know what to say but they don't know how to say it because they lack the essential communication skills. So, communication is not only about knowing a language in which you can convey your message but also knowing how to convey it

Body language is an element that is necessary for good communication to take place. As proved by a study, your words are just 7 percent in the communication, rest is your tone, posture, activeness and other aspects of body language.

In order to improve your communication skills, you must be focusing on all the aspects of communication. For this purpose, you should follow the '3I' principle.

  1. Interest

You should start exploring your interests or your field of interest. By doing that you'll learn about them and get to know about various people associated with your interests. And when you'll start following them, you'll learn, explore, and observe. Just by doing it, you'll be getting it. Your interests can range from dancing to acting and a lot more. These fields can make you Read, Write, Listen, Watch, Talk about them.

In this way, you'll get an inch closer to better communication skills. Remember how at first you learnt to convey your messages. When you would have been a kid, you used to cry to indicate about your hunger. Later on, you used signs and symbols and then you started using your mother tongue.

Isn't it a miracle how you get trained all on your own and finally start to interact. All your body is being trained from the first day of your life. Whenever you listen, read or write, your mind receives some signals and hence, your body acts accordingly. This is how you learn all sorts of things and in a similar way you can learn the art of communication all on your own. Just try to find out what your interests are and start exploring.

  1. Implement

After deciding on what interests you, the next stop is how would you implement all your plans because if you'll not implement them, you won't get the desired results. You need to practice the communication skills to improve them. So for implementation remember the following:

  • Organized Plans or Schedule: You need to make plans on how you'll be exploring your interests and further how you would practice them. So, one must have organized plans on how to carry out the activities.

  • Motivation: You must be motivated for following your particular schedule. Motivation is a must for improving your communication skills.

  • Discipline: You must always be disciplined in following your plans and in practicing the activities. This is how implementation will take place.

There's a saying - "Communication works for those who work at it." So, for communication to work for you, you need to work at it. This is what implementation is for. You have to make efforts, put in your hard work for making communication work for you.

  1. Impact

For better communication skills, you must be practicing them and then try to make an impact which will tell you about your level of communication. These are the results of what you've done in the previous two Is which are interest and implementable.

For a better communication to take place one must be influential enough to make an impact. Want to know how to make an impact?

  • Body language: As mentioned earlier, communication is more about your body language rather than your words. Let your body speak. Maintain a posture that is confident enough. There are people who feel nervous and this shows up in their body language and what turns out to be is a lower level of communication. So, body language can be a deciding factor about your communication.

  • Eye contact: While communicating, one must always make eye contact with the other person whom he/she is talking with. This enhances the communication standard.

  • Voice: Your voice is yet another factor that can have an impact on the listeners. The tone of your voice and the way you speak are also the key factors.

These are the three 'I’s' that can make you improve your communication skills. For these to work out for you, you should be putting in all your efforts, hard work, and time. Remember you need to come out of your comfort zone to turn out victorious in this journey of making yourself good at communication.

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