The Entrepreneur Story: Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird Co-Founder

Are you tired of your jobs? 

You might say, Yeah! So what? Everyone is. You must have dreamt of having that financial freedom for so long. Right? 

Why not find ways to get out of all this chaos? Do you ever think of being an entrepreneur?

Yes, or No, this is the story that'll encourage you to get on this track. Here's the story of the Subscription-Based Fragrance Firm – SCENTBIRD, with the lessons one should remember.

Come and discover how a small and unique idea turned into a huge success. Mariya Nurislamova, the lady behind scentbird got her idea to change the scent market for better and teamed up along with her co-founders to taste the blend of victory and fame. The scentbird team made scentbird a brand by just a subscribing service. They thought of their customers to be their priority and never looked back. They worked and worked like they never did before. It was their hard work, determination, valour and principles which led them to build scentbird a multi-million dollar firm.

  • A Dream Should Never Be Postponed

Back in the year 2014, Mariya Nurislamova (CEO, Co-Founder Of Scentbird) thought of an idea or a dream to make a reality in itself.

She thought the fragrances that one wears should be reached out from the comfort of our couches. As it is really perplexing to find out the perfect fit fragrance for ourselves from the stores, where you are surrounded by a lot of scents simultaneously. 

This was the basis of “Scentbird - A firm that turned out to be the revolution in the fragrance market”.

It is the one that connects directly to its customers online. This “Try Before You Buy” firm lets you date fragrances before you marry them as stated in their motto. But it was not a cakewalk for them to come up. A struggle story is the one that has empowered this company.

Credit: Scentbird Pillars

  • Investing All That You Have

Maria Nurislamova, Andrei Rebrov, Sergey Gusey, and Rachel Ten Brink are the pillars of Scentbird. They co-founded Scentbird. 

All of them quit their regular 9 to 5 jobs for this idea that led them to build a successful entrepreneurship story. The first 10 months were the most difficult when they took their baby steps in the world of entrepreneurship with sending the small bottles of scent for trials. People tried them and didn't buy the bigger ones. They then got the funding of $40,000 from the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. The business was also accelerating.

Meetings were being held with a lot of investors and rejection was the first taste of it. As the Y-Combinator rejected their application, still the ScentBird didn't lose hope. But somehow in the following year, they saw a glimmer of hope with customers joining in. They posted their deliveries of the perfumes, this time the bigger bottles with an offer of trying them and sending them back in case of disliking. People were being provided with fragrances with the option of using them like they change clothes. But this also backfired. They again tried in the YC and got rejected again. 

  • Don’t Give Up Easily

This was the time when they thought of quitting or broadening the company for other beauty products too. Another investment of $100,000 was made as they were told to stick on their idea of fragrances as they had the pool of knowledge in this particular field more than no-one else. 

They pitched in with courage and saw beautiful dawn as they started providing the customers with a different option every single month only at the subscription of $14.95 per month. Customers are subjected to choose from over 500 fragrances. Queue them up according to their choices and order them from the comfort of their houses. 

  • Learn By Doing

This time again they went forward to pitch into YC and this was the time when they got in. This was the point of no return when they achieved new heights in this journey. Since then it is one of the favourite fragrance subscription services in the US.

Credit: Different Varieties Of Perfumes

So, this was the entrepreneurship story of Scentbird which teaches the newbies to come and explore what they've dreamt of, for so long. The team of scentbird showed great character even in the times of downfall. They kept striving and even after facing rejections one after another, the scentbird didn't let any stone to be unturned. They gave it all that they had and it all turned out for the better and then the best. 

Being the choice of many is not an easy job or task to complete but with discipline and devotion, they made their presence felt not only in the US scent market but in other parts of the world too. And hence you too can do it, all you need is to believe in your ideas, thoughts, courage. In case if you'll doubt yourself, then you may never get to make your mark. So stop doubting and start believing.

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