How You Can Create Your Business During School Or College?

Do you know what actually is a Business?

Going by the simple definition of it, makes it a professional activity so as to earn profit by providing goods and services to the consumers

What you always thought business to be?

Most of us have the same perception that a business is something larger or the bigger Enterprises like Google, Facebook, etc. But do you know what it isn't the right way to think about it? 

Those which start from the lowest to give away the goods and services are also considered to be businesses. And the bigger firms and businesses that you know of, started from scratch itself. You always have to start from zero to add on the numbers ahead.

When you check out the stories of those who started doing business of their own were the ones who already had their family businesses working on or the ones who had great ideas to be put to work.

Let's find out as to how to start your own business while in school or college in just 3 simple steps:

  1. PLAN

The first step towards building a business of your own you might need to do a lot of planning and testing so as to grow in the business world.

Credit : Planning a way to Succeed

  • Interests

While planning the first aspect to focus on is that of your interests. Find out the field which interests you. You must have chosen your courses and subjects according to your interests. Right?

Now it's time to bring them up in your practical life. While you're in your school or college you're taught theoretically and practically. More stress is put on the theory part. But when it comes to start your business it requires you to think and act practically.

For example, if you're a student of fine arts, you can start your business of paintings, sculptures, and other artefacts by selling them to the customers willing to buy them up. Similarly a student of computer science can walk in the practical world by freelancing for websites or launching one of his own. And if they are skillful enough they may also write a book of their own or make a course of their own. So try to bring your theoretical knowledge to the practical aspect.

  • Knowledge and Research

Once you get to decide what sort of business you want to do, you must get ready to gain the knowledge and do research in that particular field. You can follow other people and try to find out how they did it. You can get out there in your free time to do part time jobs in that particular field so as to search out the ways how the business actually works. There is a pool of information out there for you to access. Grab it up and pull up your sleeves.

  • Schematic View

Gaining the knowledge will bring you to the point of making the plans which would work out for you. You must make a  structural view or rather a schematic view of what you're going to do next for your business to get started. This will require a lot of thinking so as to make a perfect plan and schedule to work accordingly.


The next step is that of implementation of the plans that you've made.

Credit : Implementing your strategy

  • Resources

You have to figure out the resources required by you and make arrangements accordingly. 

For example if you're starting a business of certain food items, this would require you some funding which will help you to buy other resources like raw materials, human resources, so as to make your plan work out. So one must find out the resources required and bring them up.

  • Production

Now the question comes up as to how you would turn these resources into useful goods and services. Right?

This step is that of production, where you've to implement your knowledge on the resources so as to make a final product as per your planning.

For example you're thinking of producing e-books of your own regarding your niche let's say English speaking. Then you must bring up all the resources to put to work so as to write the book. And hence only then you will land in a position of taking it to the next step.


The final step to get your business on track is that of execution.

Credit : Analytics Of Your Business

  • Promotion

Now when the goods and services of yours are ready to be produced to the customers, you would have to reach out to them. And how would you do that?

You can promote your products online and offline too. Finding and reaching out to your customers would be a difficult task but you can get through it because there are a large number of options for you to promote. You may talk to your friends and family relatives about it. You can promote it online on different websites and on the social media platforms. This would provide your business the much needed exposure.

  • Marketing and sales

When you're promoting your business you would definitely get asked about what's the price and some more details about it. Then orders would come up and you would have to deal with them. This is called the marketing and sales step. This is the ultimate destination of each and every business. This would tell you how good you're doing. You've to monitor the sales and hence step in the marketing techniques.

So these are the steps, you as a school or college student must follow to build up a business of your own for the purpose of earning money. Remember that “Age is just a number”

You've to put your ideas to work out for you. You would never get to know the things when you won't try them out. Most of the businesses are started by school or college students and become successful too. 

Don't fear the failures, consider them the hurdles that you've to cross so as to win the race. Struggle and hustle up. You would definitely find the path to follow.

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