10 Proven Yoga Poses For Healthy Mind

Do you feel stressed out all the time with a lot of thoughts pinging you up again and again? Do you want to come out of depression all on your own?

No need to worry as we're here to help you out. Yoga is considered the best medicine to treat illnesses and various health related issues. It enriches you completely by working on your mind, body and soul. It brings in the much needed positivity and calmness in your life.

Being stressed out and fatigued might hinder all your other daily life activities. You may not feel joyous and couldn't come out as a better person. It happens when we are headed with a lot of work pressures, family pressures and much more. It can make you feel depressed, isolated, lonely and hence you need to change it for the good to happen. You must not take all these conditions for granted as they may lead you into even more troubles and problems. 

For you to come out of the stresses around we're presenting ten yoga postures to help you keep your mind healthy and heal it. These can be adopted by those too who are mentally healthy and want to continue having their mind in good state. Come let's explore these postures:

  • Sphinx pose

Credit: Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose is also known as Salamba Bhujangasana and is proven to be the healer for the mind and relaxes your mind.

For doing the same, first lie down flat on your stomach and then slowly bring out your arms forward in line of your shoulders. Lay down your palms flat on the floor and while doing that lift up your head and bring your chest outwards. Inhale and exhale to take deep breaths. And bring yourself up once you're done with it for about 3-5 minutes.

  • Corpse pose

Credit: Corpse Pose

Next up we have corpse pose or Savasana for you. Pretty easy and simple. It enhances your brain strength by helping it to relax down.

Lay down on your back and spread your legs apart slowly. And with the arms spread them apart too freely on the floor with your palms facing upwards. Roll down your shoulders towards your back. Keep it heavy and close your eyes. This is a corpse pose hence you may look like a dead body.

  • Plow Pose

Credit: Plow Pose

This particular pose must require special attention of yours to guide it through. It helps you to strengthen your neck, shoulders and back and also calms down your brain and helps it to work effectively. It is also called the Halasana.

Lay down flat on your back then bring your hands slowly towards your lower back so as to lift it up. Now gently lift up your back and with the back lift up your legs too. Try to curl up and touch down your feet one by one. Take a deep breath and come back slowly to the normal position. Do it for a few minutes.

  • Lotus Pose

Credit: Lotus Pose

Lotus pose or Padmasana is a pose which requires you to sit in a cross-legged position. This is a widely used pose for meditating and hence helps to nurture your brain or mind.

First up, sit down on the floor. Now slowly bring your right foot towards the thigh of the left leg. In a similar fashion bring up the left foot too. Now sit cross-legged and take deep breaths by placing your hands on your knees. Do it for as much time as you want.

  • Standing Forward Bend Pose

Credit: Standing Forward Bend Pose

The standing forward bend pose or Uttanasana is meant for strengthening your thighs and knees. It stretches your body and also helps to keep you mentally healthy by making it easier to relax.

For doing the uttanasana you have to stand straight first and then slowly bring down your hands to touch your feet. Hold onto them tightly and stretch your body to the maximum. Take deep breaths and come up gently. Do this for about 20-30 times. And if you're a beginner, only 10 is enough.

  • Lizard Pose

Credit: Lizard Pose

Lizard pose or Utthan Pristhasana is a pose in which one of your legs lunges forward while the other is at the back. This helps you out to open up your whole body and stretch it out hence removing the tensions from the body as well as the mind. It is considered good for our mental health.

Do the downward dog pose or let your palms and feet stretch out on the floor and raise your body. Now slowly bring your right leg to lunge forward and let the left one stretch backwards with your foot held upright and only your toes touching the ground. Lay your elbows either on a support or the floor vertically set wide across. Deep breaths must not be forgotten about. Bring back your body to first the downward dog and then normal position. Do this for a few minutes.

  • Legs Up The Wall Pose

Credit: Legs Up The Wall Pose

If you want to relieve stress effectively then legs up the wall pose or Viparita karani is the one for you. As it enhances the blood circulation in the upper part of your body and hence providing health benefits to your mind.

Support your hips before you lay down with something to raise it up. Now take your legs upwards along the wall. And rest your arms on the floor as you did in the corpse pose. This would also help blood circulation to be good in the body. Close your eyes and then slowly come back to normal. Do it for a few minutes and it will help your mind to relax by bringing down the stress levels and at the same time it stretches your legs and the back.

  • Bow pose

Credit: Bow Pose

Also known as Dhanurasana, bow pose helps you to stretch out and strengthen your back and most importantly helps you to enhance and enrich your mental health. 

Lay down on your stomach and slowly bring your legs towards your buttocks by bending your knees firmly. And hold on to your legs by bringing your hands around the buttocks. Now raise your head upwards so as to stretch out. Hold on the pose for a few seconds, of about 30 seconds and come back to the normal position. Do it 3-5 times.

  • Lord Of The Dance Pose

Credit: Lord Of The Dance Pose

Natrajasana is the one which is the lord of the dance pose. It helps us to relieve stress and relax our mind. It also increases our concentration and helps to stretch and reduce weight.

First up you must stand straight and fold up your right leg backwards and hold on your ankle with your right hand. While you bend down stretch out your left arm forward and hold the pose for 20 seconds. Now come back to normal and change the legs accordingly for doing it further. Do it as shown for a few times.

  • Forward Seated Bend Pose

Credit: Forward Seated Bend Pose

Forward seated bend pose or Paschimottanasana is capable of relieving stress and depression as it calms down your mind. It also helps in digestion.

For doing a forward seated bend, you'd have to sit with your back straight having your legs in the front. Now slowly try to bend down and hold your feet or legs so as to stretch your back and move your head downwards as depicted. Breath normally and get back to the normal position. Do it for a few minutes.

So these are the 10 yoga postures for you to do easily and which will definitely work out for you efficiently. These would help you to get you on the path of having a healthy mind.

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