How Top Tech Companies Targeting The New Generation (Especially Youth)

As we all know that in today’s world everyone is busy with smart devices like smartphones, smart tv, and many more. 

These devices easies our life and save our time or we can say, provides comfort in many ways.

There are numerous applications in our devices that are developed by the engineers of big tech companies like Google, Facebook, etc. 

But, Have you ever think about:

Why are these top tech companies giving us free applications to use? 

Why don't they even charge us?

Even they have to pay salaries to their employees. 

Also, these companies hire the best engineers from top colleges and pay them huge salaries.

They spend a lot of money to build this software and launch them for free.


So in this blog, we will talk about the actual thinking and intention of these tech companies. 

How do they keep on engaging the new generation (especially Youth)?

We all know that everything in this world has merits as well as demerits.

Yet, the bad habits are very infectious and spread in society very rapidly.

So, let’s talk about the real intention of these tech companies.

For this instance, let’s take an example of Google ads, 

Which Google uses to advertise its products and also promote other products and make money from them. 

Google uses an AI-based system to give ads on videos, blogs, websites, etc, which collects the user data, available on that platform. 

So from here, we got to know that, 

There are some terminologies to understand the basic idea behind these platforms.

Step by step process they follow is given below:

1. Collecting The Data

In artificial intelligence, data plays an important role. Data is a must for applying any algorithm.

Data may be defined as the collection of all the information of customers such as location, name, age, gender, and many more details.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses various Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to predict the customer’s mind and show it according to it.

Almost every ML also requires the data set to have all the necessary details to predict.

For collecting such data, companies conduct surveys, get feedback from customers, and even some companies without asking access to sensitive data about the customer, which is illegal.

I think it is our mistake because the majority of people don’t even read the T&C before accepting them.

They access your current location by which they can track you, they access your mobile number as well as SMS which can be misused.


You should always be aware of this kind of thing while downloading or installing anything from the web.

2. Fitting The Dataset Into An Algorithm

After getting the raw dataset, engineers hired by these tech companies, have to perform data cleaning.

In which they remove all the reductant data from it.

After getting a cleaned data set of your information they apply various techniques or algorithms to it.

For example, they have regularly tracked your location where you generally go, on which shops to visit the most, etc.

So this data will display ads on your social media regarding your favorite shops, things, games, videos, etc.

The AI algorithm is very powerful and can predict your next step with great accuracy.

3. Checking The Accuracy Of The Prediction Model

After fitting the dataset into an ML also check the accuracy of the model by testing their model using multiple inputs.

After which they put that model on their platforms to engage customers.

4. Publishing Advertisement

After collecting the data and fitting it into an algorithm, they send you the links of what you like on your social media.

By clicking on their ads they sell you the products and make profits.

Gradually you become habitual to it and they earn permanent profit from you.

This is what they called, being caught on the web.

5. Increasing The Cost, Once You Become Habitual

For increasing the revenue they gradually increase the price because they know that you have become habitual to it, so you pay more also.

This creates laziness in you and gradually you completely depend on that particular platform.

Impact Of Ads On Us

Let me know in the comments, Have you ever think about: 

Why there are so many posters, banners, templates at different sights in your surroundings or,

Numerous no. of ads on your digital platforms like FB, Youtube, Instagram?

The only purpose to display ads on your screen is to made you habitual about certain things.

To understand this, let’s consider an example of a young boy that used to go to a wine shop with his friends.

So the AI algo, that has been working on various e-commerce websites, tracks his position and

Even knows where he goes every day since it always keeps a watch on him.

But due to lack of awareness, he doesn’t even know about all this mess.

Along with collecting the user’s data, it’ll also be suggesting him the recommendations of similar types of products like wine, beer, smoking, or alcoholic products, 

Which matches his previous history, and gradually he will begin to purchase these products too. 

And this will destroy his life.

So, we should know where our data is going, who is asking for our data, and what he will do with our data.

This AI recommendation system is good for ease of life but there can be horrible consequences too.

The new generation doesn’t even know that they are losing their personal or sensitive information and,

Giving away to these people to rule you by providing you free services.

They make you slaves so that later on, they rule you and make your future dark.

So Guys! Be aware of these facts too and,

We all must take care of these things to protect our children and young generation for a bright future.

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