Why Kiran Bedi Removed From The Lieutenant Governor Of Puducherry?

Kiran Bedi, who was relieved as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, was not new to the controversy, according to a Rashtrapati Bhavan statement released late Tuesday night.

Let’s have a quick overview of why this happened?

She was repeatedly questioned for his controversial tweets during his tenure as lieutenant-governor for the Union Territory.

In March 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide, Bedi tweeted that the spread of the coronavirus was caused by 'karma' by meat-eating people.

In another tweet in April 2020, Bedi sparked several jokes online, after which she tweeted that the worst thrown eggs due to corona are now expired. She later deleted the tweet.

"The worst-laid eggs hatch after a week because of the corona.

In another Twitter post, she stated that she would only share "WhatsApp All" because she was the First Female IPS Officer in the country to cause the spread of COVID-19 due to a 'ritual' earned by meat-eating people.

This post has been trolled on social media sites, with many users calling it 'bad taste'. Bedi shared a picture of humans inside a cage, surrounded by animals from outside. The film is titled: "It's not Corona, it's Karma."

About Controversial Tweets

Her tweet congratulating France on winning the FIFA World Cup came under criticism on social media in July 2018. "We won," she tweeted in her first reaction, referring to the past of the French colony of Puducherry and,

In July 2019, a tweet by a retired IPS officer provoked strong reactions from both the ruling party and the opposition party in Tamil Nadu, blaming the state government in Tamil Nadu for the bureaucracy and water crisis for corrupt politics also,

In February 2019, Puducherry Chief Minister V. During the ongoing controversy with Narayanaswamy, Bedi has vented his anger on social media with allegations of casteism and discrimination.

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