80s Men Hairstyle: 5 Trending Hairstyles Ever In The 1980s

At that time the hairstyle trends come from Movies. People follow the haircut’s sense of the Film’s Actors. Lack of technology makes people less competitive as we can see in today’s world. 

Most of the men at that time had long hair and this makes the massive looks and they also wear cloth according to their hairstyle with loose, full, and touch to bottom clothes that give different looks to men. 

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This is the most common and iconic men’s haircut of the 80s. Mullet means short hairs at the front and long at the back which gives the different look to the men and it is also suited to most face shapes. Mullets also give the different look in the crowd. 

Nowadays we can see that mullet is coming back into the style from athletes to fashion tastemakers.


It is the type of haircut that gives the Boldest look to men. Hairs with high-Top fade with a smooth, table-like look, which gives the men an unusual look that collects all the eyes to the men. Nowadays men use gel products to makes the hairs up-straight last longer.

Tall Mohawk

This gives you the center of attraction as the unique hairstyle of that time. This gives the trendy look to the men as there are long and silky hairs at the top, towards the back of the head, and very short hairs at the sides of the head and also people carry bold beards with this hairstyle this put glamour to their look. This gives a unique and trendy haircut to men in the 80s.

Jheri Curl

At the time of the 80s, the most popular celebrities Stars like R&B singer Lionel Richie, superstar Michael Jackson, and rapper Ice cube have the Jheri Curl hairstyle.

This is the specific type of Perm that makes the superstar noticeable more. This gives the afro-textured hair loose yet defined curls with a unique and glossy finish to the haircut. This haircut is suited for all length, medium to very long hairs.

Slick Back

In 1987, a movie named Wall Street inspires you. This haircut was famous among the businessmen and Stockbrokers at that time these types of people love to get this haircut which gives them a different look from the others and these trends also famous among them which they think this the professional look to them. 

It was popular with guys everywhere. They use gel and shine products to maintain the wet look of the slick back and style their hairs with a fine comb.

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