5 Proven Ways To Cure Hangover | Cure Hangover Drink Remedies

Whenever you take an excessive amount of alcohol in the evening, and find yourself waking up with: 

  1. Headache

  2. Nausea

  3. Fatigue

  4. Shaking of the head

  5. Excessive thirst and many more symptoms.

Then you are suffering from a Hangover

Don’t Worry! 

You are not the only one who suffers from these symptoms. 

Most people have faced the same problems because their body absorbs a fixed amount of alcohol per hour and the amount of absorption varies widely on the different factors including body mass, sexual life, and how heavily the person drinks.

When alcohol enters in your body, it directly pours into the bloodstream within a few minutes of your first sip and gets absorbed by the digestive systems, starting in the stomach before it is processed by the liver. then our digestive system starts to break it down and the whole process is known as alcohol metabolism.

There is no such real cure for a hangover that will instantly cure it but there are a few things that you can do to ease the pain.

Here are few Solutions :

1. Take Nutrient-Rich Food Before & After having Alcohol:

This is the easiest way to prevent the hangover, this is because digestion of the food before and during consumption can help to increase the (ADH) level named antidiuretic hormone, blood flow to the liver, and sugar fructose which makes your body to break down the alcohol more quickly. It will also maintain your blood sugar levels.

2. Stay Hydrated, Drink water to get rid of Dehydration:

When we consume the alcohol in excessive amounts then the alcohol acts as a Diuretic which makes the people urinate more and leads to dehydration in your body, which is one of the major causes of the hangover. 

So take an excessive amount of water to prevent hangovers. The amount of water you drink should be equal to or more than the amount you urinate.

3. Ginger Drink to ease Nausea: 

Many doctors or even nutritionists agreed that ginger is one of the best natural things for an upset stomach or Nausea, which are the most common symptoms of the hangover. Ginger can aid digestion and this will result in the ease of the upset of the stomach. 

Over the limit of consuming alcohol results in irritating the lining of the stomach as one of the main reasons for the hangover.

4. Drink Tea or Coffee: 

Caffeinated drinks like coffee which contain caffeine act as a stimulant, which can improve the fatigue feelings which come from the hangover. Green tea, black coffee, and coffee contain many antioxidants that may reduce the symptoms of the hangover or the adverse effects of alcohol consumption.

5. Drink Vitamin C  (Protects your Immunity): 

Vitamin C is good to recover the person who is suffering from a hangover. Most of the time you heard about people having lemon when they felt like a hangover because lemon, the best source of Vitamin-C, boosts our immunity and gets rid of the hangover.

Some of the other factors which affect the severity and length of a person’s hangover & also makes the study difficult for scientists to study the potential hangover:

  • The amount and the type of alcohol you drink.

  • Age and sex.

  • Body needs and body type.

  • Biological factors.

  • How often they consume alcohol, etc.

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