The Subconscious- The Powerful You

Are you reading this in 2020? Why am I asking this question in the beginning? 

Well all of us know what this year offered mankind!

This year started with Covid-19, followed by the sequence of suffering, illness, death, unemployment, people lost their jobs and their loved ones, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan is taking lives of soldiers and innocent citizens. The list is still increasing, and half of the world is under stress and depression. You must have heard that negativity attracts negativity. This is something happening in the world right now.

Is there any ray of hope? Yes, there is!

Personally, my year started with a new job, arrival of a new member in the family, I have a life and a job that I enjoy every day.  While writing this, I got my RT-PCR report that shows me covid-19 positive. Yes, this is not something positive but as a medical professional, I was prepared for this as well, boosting my immunity, taking supplements, doing yoga and taking a good diet. So, with God’s grace I am asymptomatic.

The reason for being optimistic and stress-free lies inside my inner self. Inside my ‘Subconscious’, because positivity also attracts positivity.

Desire it, dream it, and you will get it. You will have everything you want. I have been thinking about writing about this topic for the last 6-7 years but if I had written it, it would be theoretical with no basis in reality. So, I decided to experiment it on myself. It does not cost any money to try.

I was spending most of my time complaining about the things I never had. So, I decided to use that time to think about what I really want!

Let’s talk about the most powerful, the hidden controller- ‘The Subconscious’.

The Subconscious

As categorized by the Austrian psychologist, ‘Sigmund Freud’ the 3 levels of mind are-

  1. The Conscious - Everything in your awareness, in your thoughts and control.

  2. The Subconscious - Everything that comes in awareness if you think or try.

  3. The Unconscious - Everything that is totally hidden.

Do you know how to ride a bicycle? If yes, then tell me when you did it last time. Even if you haven’t touched your bicycle for months or years, you still know how to ride it.

The conscious brain has the theoretical part, like how to pedal, how to hold the handle but there are people who know this theoretical part and still cannot ride a bicycle. The same goes for typing on a keyboard. If you know typing but have not used your keyboard for months,  the moment you put your fingers on the keyboard, the position of letters come to your consciousness.

The examples are infinite, but the actual question is ‘How does it work?’ ‘Why does it work for only 1-2%?’

The answer is here ‘Because some believe in themselves and others doubt

Many of us read the book ‘The power of subconscious mind’ by Joseph Murphy. After reading the book many had tried it personally but some succeeded, some failed. Again, the same reason ‘Some Believe, Some Doubt.’

Here is some interesting point about the subconscious, strange yet true-

  • The subconscious only works in the present, neither past nor future.

  • The subconscious does not know logic or reasoning.

  • The subconscious does not know the difference between real and imagination.

  • It has no verbal language.

  • The subconscious does not differentiate wrong or right, positive, or negative.

  • The subconscious is aware of everything and it stores every data.

  • It can do a lot of things at a time.

  • The subconscious controls 90-95% of your life. 

  • The subconscious impacts your dreams and emotions.

  •  It is always alert and awake.

Remember one thing before starting, every person who succeeded and fulfilled their dreams knows this secret. They know how to use the subconscious for victory, not failure.

I also learnt and now it is your turn:

  1. Find your Goal or Dream

Start thinking what you want from your life? What is your actual goal? Let’s take a flashback: when you were a preschooler or a schooler, you had a big dream: to be a doctor, a pilot or an astronaut but a very small number of people actually fulfilled that. Why not the rest? Because the rest changed their dream when they reached high school or college. You are preparing for a government job, but you also want to become a millionaire. Correlate it: Can you become a millionaire with a government job?

Take another example: you want a perfect partner who understands you but on the other hand you believe that marriage is nothing but adjustment. Will it work? How can you attract something if you do not even believe in it?

Your parents scold you, they repeat it every second day that you are worthless, you cannot achieve anything, and you do not even resist them. Well things don’t work this way. You must decide what you exactly want.

If you have decided then put every other thought in the dustbin. Erase confusions, Erase doubts.

If you want to be a millionaire but you want a government job also then tell yourself clearly that job is a stair you have to climb first, do not make it your ultimate goal because your ultimate goal is to be a millionaire. But you can not skip stairs. So, you have to get a job first and forget about the rest.

Sit at a quiet place and decide it for the final time: ‘I want this. Yes! This is my dream, and I will achieve it’.

  1. Does it involve only you?

Yes, does your goal involve only you or others are also a part of it? Some examples are your love life, marriage, or business in partnership.

These goals will succeed if the frequency of your partner’s thoughts matches with your thoughts. You want to marry the person you love; it involves the other person; it involves the families. Do you both want the same?  If yes, then do your families also want it. Here, the person with the strongest subconsciousness will win. Whether it is you, your partner, or your family. As I have told you earlier, the subconscious mind can not differentiate between right or wrong. So, it does not matter who is right in this kind of situation. What matters is who has a strong decision? And the one with the strong decision will ultimately make others follow the same.

In the second step, you should involve the other person who is directly a part of your dream. Sit with the person, ask for their thoughts and match the frequency.

  1. Write it down

Finally, you have decided. Your partner also wants the same. Ignore it if you are single. It is time to write it down. Take a notebook or a chart paper and note it or take a picture of what you want and paste it on your wall. Get a picture of your dream home or car and paste it in front of you. Whenever you sit with a pen and a paper, write your dream before starting with anything else.

Is this important?

Yes, this is important. Your subconscious mind does not know reasoning. It will not argue with your conscience. It will not doubt you. It will store the written message as it is after reading it again and again. Let me help you believe it. Many times, we learn wrong information about literature or other things. Later, we found the right information about those things. Now your conscious mind only wants to store the right data, then what about the wrong message? Have you erased it completely? 

Well no, it is still there, in your subconscious mind and it does not know whether it is right or wrong. While attempting multiple type questions sometimes, you make the same mistake in every exam because during the exam your mind is anxious, and it takes the wrong data from your subconscious.

Now, you must have understood the importance of written messages. So, write it down clearly, daily, every time you open a notebook. Your subconscious will believe in it without a doubt. The things will appear in your dream also.

  1. Plan out the strategy and action

While going through the previous steps, your subconscious must be finding ways and strategies to achieve your goal. This is not something you have to do at your conscious level. It is already going in your mind while you are taking a bath, jogging in the park, sitting with family, or trying to sleep. This is the planning time, and your subconscious is giving you the desires and force, different ideas and thoughts.

Now write these ideas with a time frame. In how much time you’re going to achieve it. Time limit is necessary because the subconscious works in the present.

You will get the thoughts, to start it now, take your book and start preparing or start working.

Your subconscious won’t say to do it tomorrow, it won’t give reasons like you are tired or hungry because it doesn’t even know that you are tired. It will force you to do it now. Now comes the role of your conscious mind, your conscious mind will tell you to take rest because you are tired or go to sleep, to start from tomorrow and the list of excuses is infinite. 

Your subconscious will again force you to stand up and start working on your plan. You will get repeated thoughts and if you are still thinking to rest then you must go to Step: 1, your goal is still unclear.

  1. Never give a negative or ‘No’ signal

While preparing or working on your plan, never give a ‘No’ signal. If you think, ‘what if I fail?’, ‘what if I won’t be able to do it?’, ‘No, I am not capable’ then your subconscious will store the data and you won’t be able to achieve your goal. Because the subconscious doesn't have ideas, it will give you negative vibes in return of negative thoughts. It will attract negativity.

So, keep repeating that ‘Yes, I can do this’. Feed your subconscious only with positive vibes. ‘Believe yourself without any doubt.’

Think of rich people, any one who is living a luxurious life, if you don’t know anyone is your personal contact then think of Mukesh Ambani or Mark Zuckerberg; imagine for a moment that he lost his complete wealth and property. Do you think he will spend the rest of his life being poor? No, they will gain everything again in no time.

Because they know the power of the subconscious. He doesn’t doubt himself. Even if such people fail 100 times, they don’t accept failure and keep on trying because their subconscious will keep reminding them that they are winners.

This is not something theoretical or something I have copied from any book or internet. I tried this and succeeded.

‘’Control it Before it Start Controlling You’’ 

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The Subconscious- The Powerful You

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