Fasted Cardio: Worth It Or Not To Lose Weight?

Being a fitness freak is the trend these days. And amidst it, there are a whole lot of beliefs as to how, when, where, and what to do. One such argument is whether fasted cardio is worth a try or not. In this blog, you'll find out the science and beliefs about the same and along with them, you'll be able to identify whether you should give it a go or not.

What Is Fasted Cardio?

Fasted cardio is what we call when people workout on an empty stomach. Or you can say doing cardio exercises or the ones which increase your heart rate in a fasted state. Not eating anything before working out might seem to be doubtful. Right? It really is! 

In a fasted state, the food consumed in the last meal is digested completely and the insulin levels are low too at that particular time. No food means no energy! But where do we get the energy from? 

Our body stores protein, fats and other nutrients which perform their functions. But when our body requires them for generating energy, our body uses them up. The belief here is that doing fasted cardio helps in losing fat. Let's examine it!

Does Fasted Cardio Really Help In Losing Fat?

Different people have different beliefs about the same. Researchers have also tried their best to drive out the answer as to Fasted Cardio can help you out in fat loss. 

Most of the research has proven that Fasted Cardio has no direct impact on fat loss, but what actually the case is that people lose stubborn fat while doing Fasted Cardio because of calorie deficit. 

Yes, running out of calories makes you use up that stubborn fat present in your body which didn't go away and thus lowers down the fat percentage. So one can say that Fasted Cardio might not have any direct impact but it does indirectly impact the fat percentage in the body.

Which One Is Better - Fasted Cardio || Non-Fasted Cardio?

Another question which is asked whether people should do a fasted cardio or a non-fasted one to lose fat faster. Some fitness experts believe that fasted cardio is better while others believe that a non-fasted one should be preferred for losing fat faster. 

But what most of the studies and research have shown is that the consequences or the results are approximately the same. But this can be another belief. 

People must always look forward to what suits their body and structure. There are people who love to just get out of bed and do workout. This is what Fasted Cardio is. And some prefer to eat first and then go for a workout. The thing here is, what helps you to lose fat faster is the one which suits you! 

One can lose fat by doing both the types. Who knows! It's the body that responds and does all the magic and on that basis look out for the one which suits you. People who love to do high intensity cardio must do a non-fasted one and those who limit themselves to a low to moderate intensity workout should try doing fasted cardio. But why? The reason behind this advice is the muscle mass.

Does Fasted Cardio Eat Up Your Muscle Mass?

Yes, it can, in a lot of cases. Another belief which you should ponder over before doing a fasted workout is that it can even eat up your muscle mass. When our body doesn't have enough calories to use to make energy, it looks for the alternatives as we mentioned earlier. 

Your body might use the fat which will lead to fat loss but what if it uses the protein? That's the reason why you might end up losing the muscle mass. The protein in your body is there for your growth as it leads to formation of new cells which in turn replace the dead ones. If the protein will be used as a fuel for the body instead of the growth promoter, then your cells in the muscle won't stop dying and hence you will lose your muscle mass. 

So be careful if you're looking towards doing fasted cardio. Keep an eye on your protein intake and muscle mass. And after doing the cardio, remember to eat something rich in proteins and carbs. This will absolutely promote your muscle mass percentage.

So these were the most common beliefs which exist about Fasted Cardio. If you want to try it, then you must give it a go. But keep this in mind that you'll have to do low to moderate intensity workout and not exceeding 60 minutes. 

If you're looking forward to gaining muscle mass, do eat something before going for Cardio. And for those who think of not drinking water, don't even do that. Stay hydrated and keep working on yourselves.

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